Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winter preparation hints

Your car needs to get ready for the elements of winter, here is a short list.
So for starters get your winter tires, wipers,and floor mats fitted . Change motor oil to a thinner grade, or if you are using synthetic oil  follow the interval of maintenance shedule.
Top up windsheild washer liquid reservoir with high grade - 40 grade , be generous here. Make sure to have the snow removing brush, ice scraper tool and a small shovel . Apply lock de-icer / graphite liquid in door cylenders where you insert the key, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A REMOTE ENTRY SYSTEM .
 Have your car mechanic have a quick look under the hood , even if all seems OK . You don't want any unpleasent surprises when your out in the cold.
Make sure to verify your AAA / CAA Auto club mermership is valid at all times , they will rescue you in times of trouble . usually an annual membership is less then the cost of one towing service , life leaves clues , if you know what I mean.
 And finally my favourite part , keep a couple of bars of chokolates and energy bars in the glove compartment , for times when you get the munchies, if you are at all stuck somwhere.
For the long winter prep list , do contact me.
Have a safe winter out there.
Zaven Darakjian at  http://www.pitstopgarage.biz/


Friday, March 11, 2011

Fuel economy and your strategy

Highest volume of gas is wasted as you first start your car , remember everything that will move is cold and frozen . It takes more energy to get things rolling . Warm-up the motor for 3 to 4 minutes before you hit the road ever so gently, this will give a chance for the transmission to get to normal temperature and save you unnecesary  expensive repairs in the long run. A 747 jet will consume 80 % of its full fuel tanks just on take off, so you be the judge and draw the parallel. 3 pointers to conserve gas is when you multi task
1.Plan your trip , as in droping your shirts at the cleaners before going to the pharmacy , on your way to the grocery store and the post office.
2.When you're picking someone up , or droping the kids at their friends, always turn off the motor.
3.Keep the trunk empty of unnesesary items that are heavy and waste gas hauling them all over town.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your Car Mechanic

Care for your wiper blades.
In winter conditions it is a good idea ( when you leave your car overnight in snowing conditions ) to dress each wiper blade with a plastic bag, a few reasons
1. they will not freeze on the windshield
2. they will keep their razor sharp edges for better wiping / longer life
3. better visibility , confident driving, clear mind /judgment and safely arriving to destination.