Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winter preparation hints

Your car needs to get ready for the elements of winter, here is a short list.
So for starters get your winter tires, wipers,and floor mats fitted . Change motor oil to a thinner grade, or if you are using synthetic oil  follow the interval of maintenance shedule.
Top up windsheild washer liquid reservoir with high grade - 40 grade , be generous here. Make sure to have the snow removing brush, ice scraper tool and a small shovel . Apply lock de-icer / graphite liquid in door cylenders where you insert the key, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A REMOTE ENTRY SYSTEM .
 Have your car mechanic have a quick look under the hood , even if all seems OK . You don't want any unpleasent surprises when your out in the cold.
Make sure to verify your AAA / CAA Auto club mermership is valid at all times , they will rescue you in times of trouble . usually an annual membership is less then the cost of one towing service , life leaves clues , if you know what I mean.
 And finally my favourite part , keep a couple of bars of chokolates and energy bars in the glove compartment , for times when you get the munchies, if you are at all stuck somwhere.
For the long winter prep list , do contact me.
Have a safe winter out there.
Zaven Darakjian at  http://www.pitstopgarage.biz/