Friday, March 11, 2011

Fuel economy and your strategy

Highest volume of gas is wasted as you first start your car , remember everything that will move is cold and frozen . It takes more energy to get things rolling . Warm-up the motor for 3 to 4 minutes before you hit the road ever so gently, this will give a chance for the transmission to get to normal temperature and save you unnecesary  expensive repairs in the long run. A 747 jet will consume 80 % of its full fuel tanks just on take off, so you be the judge and draw the parallel. 3 pointers to conserve gas is when you multi task
1.Plan your trip , as in droping your shirts at the cleaners before going to the pharmacy , on your way to the grocery store and the post office.
2.When you're picking someone up , or droping the kids at their friends, always turn off the motor.
3.Keep the trunk empty of unnesesary items that are heavy and waste gas hauling them all over town.